About Us

Who are we?

We are an ever growing team of professionals brought together by our shared passion for the field of marketing. Yes, we love the field of marketing! How much, you ask? Well, we have been thrown out of bars for not wanting to leave at closing hours, because we were too busy discussing how a new entrant to the market failed to understand the distribution channel's dynamics.

Our Story

The birth of the company was also majorly due to this habit of critically analysing the tiniest details of every marketing campaign's methodology we could get our hands on.

We have carried this method based approach forward in our style of working. We love to discuss a client’s marketing problems with him. Only when we have extracted every last bit of information about the company we might need to form our strategies, do we leave! Our interrogation can be a bit draining and you may require several shots of caffeine to keep you going, but we promise to get our best in-house jest along!

Dissecting every marketing problem with the precision of a neuro-surgeon's in our lab, we make sure that your marketing efforts bring you the best possible results.

We still love having those cups of teas and having those lengthy discussions on anything marketing! From the ambient promotional tactics used by the big retailer to the brilliant goal oriented social media campaign run by the FMCG giant. Drop in to have a chat, or just connect with us on any of our social media accounts.

What Clients Say About Us

It's been a great experience working with StickyGarlic’s team. I really appreciate their commitment & promptness towards delivery on time. Sizzil and Aritra are very passionate about their work and come up with some great ideas to make things look different. We have been working with them for over a year and the experience has been amazing. I wish them luck and success in all that they do.